Guitar of the Week (April 14, 2014)

I was a MAJOR fan of the Police while I was growing up.  Andy Summers was a huge influence on me.  After the Police split up, Andy went in an instrumental jazz/fusion direction - which also majorly influenced me.  in 1990, he released a CD titled Charming Snakes.  THAT is what I wanted to do.  I was so inspired, I actually called my band Charming Snakes.  Somewhere in the mid 90's I was at the NAMM show in LA.  I was walking around with Randy Allar (a good friend and DJ at WCSB in Cleveland).  While at a booth, who ends up next to us but Andy Summers.  It was just the three of us.  I politely introduced myself and told Andy how much I loved his Charming Snakes CD.  Unfortunately, Andy was a in a particularly sour mood that day and barely let out a "Thanks."  I then asked, "Andy, would you mind a photo?" His response was akin to telling a child he can have ice cream only if he finishes his broccoli…basically "Ooooookay…uggggh." Thinking quickly as I was as put off by his reaction as he was to being asked for a photo, I handed HIM the camera and had him take a photo of Randy Allar and I!!…which really threw him for a loop!  Haha.  Randy still brings it up whenever we speak on the radio. It's cool…everyone has bad days.

Fast forward to a few years ago, Fender announced they were doing a limited run tribute of his famous Telecaster…which I always drooled over.  I had to get one.  Then, at some point after I got one, he was doing a book signing at Amoeba Music in Hollywood.  I took the guitar along and had him sign the back of the headstock.  This time he was in a very good mood…totally redeemed himself.  It's a great guitar!