Guitar of the Week (April 7, 2014)

Each week I'll be posting a photo of a guitar and a little story to go with it.  This week it's my 1956 Gold Top Gibson Les Paul.  I purchased it around 2000 from Rumble Seat Music in upstate New York.  It has pretty much been on every gig I've done since then.  It has been across the US and overseas many times…and has definitely seen WAY better days.  It's had the same strap since I've had it and the black strap is turning white from all the salt in my sweat. It's all gold, though much has worn off the neck and back - after a run of three extremely sweaty gigs in a row (Munich, Nuremberg and Erfurt - I believe) where the guitar went right from the stage, into a gig bag and then into a guitar trunk each night.  The remaining finish on the back of the neck, which was already wearing off, turned into slime…it was as if it was melting off.  All original except for frets and the switch tip. Nice chunky neck that fits like a glove and was my number 1 until 2009 when I got my '59.  Now it's like my co-number 1.